unique creations from Hawaii by Teri & Rusty Labrousse 

Tropical Artist

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Rusty carves huge life size tikis and does some sculpture work, while I paint, play with mixed media and do mosaics.

Together we create our popular surfboard showers. Rusty restores the vintage boards and reglasses them with plumbing fixtures, while I do the artwork and design. Together we are tropical-artist! 

Know one of the best things about art? There are no rules!

Making cool shit and Lovin' it! 

Yep, that's us. We could've went with the professional photo or something serious and high brow but why? We're Rusty and Teri Labrousse.

We don't think like a lot of people and never have, so our work is always different from the norm. Anyone can paint flowers and landscapes (and probably better than me) and that's great! That's just not what we're into right now. Fortunately, there are others who appreciate our style and we have been commissioned by some pretty impressive names as well as having a regular clientele. With that said, we are reputable and reliable but you won't find us competing for awards, etc. We're too busy creating, playing in the ocean and sipping drinks! So check out our work and see what you think.                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Aloha! 

No photo shoot -

just us